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When you hire Johnson’s Junk Removal for mobile home demolition and removal, you’ll get a full-service team that will take care of your demolition service from start to finish!

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Licensed Mobile Home Demolition Professionals in Snohomish County

There are many reasons you might need to tear down a mobile home or trailer. It might have been damaged in a storm or succumbed to wear and tear over time. Perhaps, you’ve decided to have a larger home built and need to clear your plot of land. Here at Johnson’s Junk Removal, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality mobile home demolition services in Snohomish and surrounding areas! We’ll safely dismantle your mobile home or trailer and properly dispose of the debris for you!

Why Our Mobile Home Removal Services?

We provide a wide range of demolition services, so we have the proper tools and machinery required to deconstruct or demolish your mobile home. Most importantly, our team has the proper permits and local requirements needed to provide safe and efficient demolition services. At every site, we’ll carefully survey the land and assess the condition of the structure to ensure that we’re providing you with the necessary removal process.

Another benefit of hiring our local professionals is that we’ll properly dispose of your mobile home debris at no extra cost! From metal roofing to vinyl siding, there are many materials that can be reused, so we’ll donate and recycle what we can, making the demolition or deconstruction process a little bit greener.

Our Mobile Home Demolition Process

  1. Set up your appointment online or give us a call for more information.
  2. Once we arrive at the property, we’ll survey the scope of the job so we can give you a quote for mobile home demolition cost. We’ll never start working until we have your agreement!
  3. Once we have your approval our team will demolish your mobile home or trailer safely and efficiently.
  4. Finally, we’ll check our work, gather any remaining debris, and collect your payment. This means your demolition debris will be disposed of in the most eco-friendly manner.

Deconstructing and Demolishing Mobile Homes in Snohomish County

When you’re trying to get rid of your mobile home or trailer, you might not be thinking about specifics. You probably just want it gone! However, knowing the difference between demolition and deconstruction can help you decide which service to choose when seeking junk mobile home removal. For demolition, imagine a wrecking ball. The goal is to tear down the structure as quickly as possible, without much care for what happens to the materials afterward. You can think of this as the expedited option!

For deconstruction, the team will come in and be much gentler with the materials, almost like building the home in reverse. Mobile home deconstruction takes a look at what parts can be reused, from roof materials to siding and even pipes! Even items that can’t be reused can often still be recycled, which is a win for the environment! In short, for older mobile homes that are falling apart, demolition is often the better option. For newer mobile homes, though, deconstruction can make more sense. No matter which route you take, Johnson’s Junk Removal has your back! We’ll hash out the details beforehand so you get the ideal mobile home removal for your situation!

About Johnson’s Junk Removal

Johnson’s Junk Removal is a local junk removal and demolition company headquartered in Snohomish, WA. Every member of the team is a local from Snohomish County, just like you! Not only are we all personally invested in giving you the best trailer removal service in the county, but we’ve got even more than that up our sleeves! With a number of services from in-ground pool removal to full home demolition, there’s no deconstruction project too big for Johnson’s Junk Removal to handle! When looking for junk removal and beyond, give us a call!

See What Our Customers Are Saying

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    Fantastic experience, I reached Jack through a referral on Facebook and he got back to me within a few hours, arranged a date 3 days out with a well proposed plan and cost.
    They arrived timeously and had my office space cleared out within a few hours. Jack kept me regularly updated.
    I highly recommend Johnson’s Junk Removal to get the job done professionally.
    Thank you.

    Mark Slater
  • review rating

    Great job on my master bathroom demo. Highly recommend.

    Erick Johnson
  • review rating

    Polite, professional and a good value for the money. I will use them for all junk removal in my future. Thank you.

    Kim and Deed Belveal
  • review rating

    They are awesome! I would highly recommend this company! Took all our stuff down in a timely manor and so courteous and kind! Prices are great also!!!👍💕

    Debra Hamby
  • review rating

    I can’t say enough positive stuff. Jack responded quickly to my request to remove multiple pieces of old furniture. He was incredibly polite and professional. The price was much better than a lot of the big companies and the customer service was wonderful. Will absolutely be using them again.

    Megan Miller
  • review rating

    We were so pleased with the wonderful experience we had with Johnson’s Junk Removal LLC. They were very professional and affordable. They were very accommodating and timely. They left my walkway and driveway cleaned than it was before they arrived! It’s so refreshing to work with a company with integrity and friendliness.
    Holly Jones

    Holly Jones
  • review rating

    Jack and his helper were great! On time, all I had to do was point and they got rid of my junk, in a friendly responsive way! I look forward to working with him in the future and will recommend him to anyone looking for junk removal!

    Leanna Zimney


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